Transformation, Fittings and Maintenance Service

    Transformation services

      We own an practical experienced design team, which has been trained by many equipment modification work, can bear a variety of Stacker and Reclaimer improvement designing tasks.
      Main tasks
(一). Through the equipment improvement designing, producing, manufacturing, guiding modification and commissioning, it can achieve the production standards and increase the stacking and reclaiming amount in order to meet the client requirements of the production capacity expansion.
(二). Archiving and tracking after-sale service of the modification equipment to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
(三). Be responsible for spares parts supplying for the modification equipment.
(四). Undertake all kinds of Stacker and Reclaimer overhaul, middle repair task to extend the equipment service life.
      Technical Service Department
Contact person: Zhang Chuanbin   Tel :0411 -84732111-980 13654988803   Fax :0411 -84754922   E-mail:[email protected]

    Spare parts order

      We provide all kinds and types of Stacker and Reclaimer spare parts, we can send the spare parts to user's site at the fastest speed and assist guiding the disassembly and assembly work; providing one year spare parts quality warranty. If there are any special requirements, we will take all our efforts to meet.

      Spare parts sale (domestic)

Contact person: Wang Xiaodan    TEL:0411-84732111-960   18698659584    FAX: 0411-84754952    E-mail: [email protected]

      Spare parts sale (oversea)

Contact person: Li Yingchun    TEL:0411-84732111-994   13998509314    FAX: 0411-84753966   E-mail: [email protected]

    Operation support services

      To meet the marketing requirements, Dalian SDA is very glad to provide client with the cement producing lines, power plants, steel plants coal handling system equipments to ensure the normal operation of the production and the maintenance services.

      Service scope

      (一)Cement client: all the equipment and facilities in the production line of cement clinker , mainly : crusher, stacker and reclaimer, raw miller, coal miller, preheater, calciner, vacuum cleaner, hoist, rotary kiln, cooler, clinker kiln and all the belt conveyor.

      (二)Power plants Client: coal handling system equipments: wagon tippler, crusher ,bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer, three-station device, iron remover, metal detector, belt scale and calibration device, transfer device, coal plough device, sprinkler spray device, sewage pump, dust collector and all belt conveyor and other equipments.

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